Place npp properly within visible screen

  • I have 18.5 inch monitor and have set up npp to take 4th quadrant, and I open other word-excel windows in other three quadrants.

    Last week, I tried a 32 inch TV as a monitor for my pc, and had to reposition npp to take 4th quadrant of that big screen, and I had also to increase size of npp window.

    Then, I switched back to my old 18.5 inch monitor, and while most of the other software automatically adjusted their windows’ sizes and location when I switched back to smaller screen, some retained size of larger screen, and npp was one of them.

    npp is still having location and huge size for that 32 inch screen, and therefore, just one left top corner of its window was visible on the screen, and other 3 corners went beyond visible window.

    As you are saving the location and size of npp window ( I find it dutifully opening at the same place and with size as earlier), consider putting some code to ensure that all four corners of npp window are within visible screen area.


  • There is an open issue on GitHub:
    Is it the same problem?

  • no, the open issue is about npp opening in first desktop.

    I have only single desktop so I would not know.

    my issue was - when I used bigger screen and made npp window bigger for that screen, the same bigger window size was retained when I switched back to smaller screen, thereby three corners of npp windows were off screen.


  • I’m curious. Why do you (@v-s-rawat) think this is a Notepad++ issue? I think of it as a combination of the user and the OS issue. It’s the operating system’s responsibility to deal with the changes in peripherals and the users job to inform the OS (if needed) that the device most related to desktop size (the monitor’s HxV resolution) has been changed.

    You may need to inform the OS that the screen resolution has changed (it most certainly doesn’t care how physically big the screen is). After that you may also need to resize the window of any application you used under the old resolution settings.

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