Function list: new hover color makes it unusable

  • Functions in the function list now color dark blue when you hover over it. (v. 8.1.1)
    On a dark background that makes it very annoying to use.
    I can not find any place where the color is defined.

  • @Wouter-van-Reek ,

    Which theme (Settings > Style Configurator > Select Theme)? And are you in normal mode or Dark mode (Settings > Preferences > Dark Mode)?

    Because I tried a couple of combos, and I could always see the blue of either the actively-clicked function or the hovered function.

    Normal mode, two dark-background themes:

    Dark Mode (with default Dark Mode theme):

  • Thank you for looking into it and Sorry for my late reply.

    I use a modified default mode with black background.
    The problem is that hovering makes the function darkblue on black + underlined, which:

    1. gives the impression that you can click on it once to go to the function, (default behaviour in all other applications) but that doesn’t work.
    2. makes the function that you are looking at less visible than others.

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