Just saying Hi and stuff...

  • Because I’ve been unable recently to contribute to worthwhile open source projects, I at least try to say thanks. And offer a comment or two.

    I’m a web developer, but have slowed down due to vision problems. I have to run Windows in a high-contrast mode, inverted colors. Most desktop apps follow what the OS does, but there is still need for improvement. Accessibility in general will become more and more of an issue as the population ages.

    I have no idea of how the inner workings of the HC themes work, and how the integration occurs within programs and even website content. But it does seem that the simpler things are at the core, the better they translate. The best way to explain it is just to switch to a HC theme, use IE and visit a few websites. First thing, is a lot of design elements are gone. Then some formatting, but usually all the content is intact. The downside to missing design elements is that it’s harder to distinguish types of content. For example. on this site, it was a bit difficult to locate the right download link (I have no problem at all with add support). But other than that, this site is one of the better ones in this theme.

    I really like this forum. Thanks for using one that maintains the traditional structure - there are so many out there now that, in the name of looking modern, have introduced confusion. And, I can pretty much tell that this one does not look dated or old. Forums have always been one of my favorite parts of the web, back to the days of news readers. But this was the first time I ever signed in with another social media account and not registering. I don’t know why this habit has held on for so long. What’s the current trend - do most people sign in with facebook or Google accounts?

    Lastly, and I mentioned this in my other post, is it possible that NP++ or maybe some other open source app, come along and replace Dreamweaver? I came late to the game of web dev, and have relied heavily on built in functionality and extensions to get the job done. But now that DW is focused more on HTML, JavaScript and CSS instead of server-side, it seems that it’s something that the open source community could do so much better. I learned CSS from the Adobe CS4+ visual tools, but the CC ones - well if I have to start with those, I would be completely lost.

    So thanks again and keep up the good work! Oh - and if anyone needs a beta tester for anything, give me a shout - and not just for accessibility stuff.

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