Saving file to network paths

  • I have this great idea…
    When you create a new file, it can actually be saved - also on the part of the network, the user has access to…

    Like - i have my own web-server, and edit files for sites (.html, .css, .js) on another PC.
    I can read and write existing files - but I can’t create new ones, even tho I have the nescessary priviledges.
    Sometime the name can not be edited - sometimes you have to use Save and sometimes Save As.
    Would be great, if they were both usable all the time…

    Win7, NPP+ 8.1.1

  • @Birger-Sørensen ,

    I have this great idea…
    When you create a new file, it can actually be saved

    You want snark? I’ll give you snark. If you want fellow users of the software to help you, why not politely ask for help, rather than pouring the snark so thick we all get stuck in it. Now, moving away from the snark, and back into the world of facts and useful discussion.

    First, in case you didn’t realize this, the Notepad++ Community Forum is composed of users of the Notepad++ application; we are fellow users, and are not the ones who design or develop the software; the regulars here are just normal people who enjoy Notepad++ enough that we want to help others use it. When someone reports a problem here, we try to elicit enough information from them (like please give us the ?-menu’s Debug Info … and no, just sayking “Win7 NPP+ 8.1.1” isn’t sufficient) so that we can figure out if we can replicate it – and we either help them find a workaround, or once we can replicate it and confirm it’s a bug then we encourage the original poster (“OP” – that’s you, in this case) to make an official bug report as described in our “Feature Request and Bug Report” FAQ entry.

    Regarding the problem you describe: I have been using Notepad++ v8.0, v8.1, and v8.1.1 daily since each were released (and have started playing with v8.1.2-RC), and I have never once had a time when a new file couldn’t be named or saved.

    That said, you aren’t the first person to report something like this. For example, this report 13 hours ago or this discussion from two weeks ago.

    I’ve done multiple back and forth with that oldest discussion, but still haven’t been able to replicate the problem. I don’t think any of the regulars or developers have been able to replicate it. And none have stuck around long enough to get enough information to be able to debug it. The 13-hour-ago discussion has the best chance of being repeatable, because it at least gave the info that it was with an empty folder, which is the first piece of new, concrete information in the last two weeks.

    Yours is the first to mention network paths in connection with this problem. Again, I save files every workday to network paths, and haven’t had a problem with it yet. But it is a new piece of data.

    So, it’s not that I doubt that you’re having problems. It’s just that you haven’t provided enough information yet to even begin to debug the problem. If we can identify some common thread between you, @dany-isenguerre , @Eric-J-Katowitz , and @Bezymyannyj-Takoj , we might get enough information that the developers will have enough to go on.

    So the more information you can provide, along with concrete steps to replicate the problem, the better.

  • @Birger-Sørensen ,

    Can one of you that’s having difficulty with saving files see if the problem persists when using v8.1.2-RC?

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