Notepad++ v8.1.3 release candidate

  • Notepad++ v8.1.3 Release Candidate :

    1. Dark mode enhancement: 95% dialogs are dark-modable. (Implement #10061, #10287, #10285, #10283, #10275, #10273, #10269, #10049, #10196, #10066, #10264, #10242, #10255, #10253, #10210, #10251, #10249, #10247, #10245, #10236, #10233, #10178, #10069, #10205, #10027, #10221, #10230, #10226)
    2. Improve GUI display under high DPI.
    3. Fix save dialog not working on Windows Vista. (Fix #10238)
    4. Add the capacity to switch among Find/Replace/FiF/Mark via their shortcuts. (Implement #10019)
    5. Make Document List Panel togglable via View menu and shortcutable in shortcut mapper. (Implement #3526, #9015)
    6. Fix crash issue when several instances of the save dialogs are shown. (Fix #10290)
    7. Fix Functions list scrolling to the top on file save issue. (Fix #9659)
    8. Add filter capacity in Shortcut mapper by shortcut key combination (Implement #5616, #9316)
    9. Add copy file names capacity from Windows dialog. (Implement #10123)
    10. Fix shortcut conflict detection error in Shortcut mapper while filtering. (Fix #5374)
    11. Increase macro, user command and plugin command number capacity. (Fix #10263)

    Please let me know if you find any regression or critical bug.

  • Win 7 & Npp 32 bit:: items 4, 5, 9 & 11 work nicely

    item 4 - I use the default key codes and didn’t investigate using remapped keys
    item 5 - worked even better when I replaced my existing toolbar button for a LuaScript call with the direct menu entry (the View menu assumes it is in control of the visible state)
    item 9 - using the global background color in the Windows dialog box background is a nice touch
    item 11 - worked up to 998 plugin command ids used (I used 29 additional renumbered NppExec instances, and didn’t try for the 999th id usage).

  • Does this release fix the “Compare” plugin icons on the toolbar from being invisible? Until issues like that are sorted out this “Dark mode” is pretty much unusable…

  • @ImSpecial said in Notepad++ v8.1.3 release candidate:

    Does this release fix the “Compare” plugin icons on the toolbar from being invisible? Until issues like that are sorted out this “Dark mode” is pretty much unusable…

    Calling it “unusable” is harsh, especially when there are actions you can take to work around the problem. The easiest is to switch to “Standard Icons” after switching to Dark Mode; problem solved. The next is to follow the instructions here for using Customize Toolbar plugin to assign new icons to the Compare plugin icons.

    It is not the Notepad++ Developers’ job to make sure that all plugins are always compatible with the most recent Notepad++, under every conceivable configuration of the application or the plugin; it is up to the individual plugin’s developers to keep up with changes in Notepad++. It’s a simple change that requires only a few lines of code and a new icon in the source code; many of the actively-developed plugins have already adapted to add the new icons.

    The Compare plugin author is aware of what changes needs to be done, but has stated that until the ComparePlus is ready to be released in the indeterminate future, there will be no improvements to the existing Compare plugin, including no fixes for the icons. Until that time, you can either use one of the workarounds presented, or avoid Dark Mode.

  • After PR 10265 there is also the “Link” possibility in the Settings -> Preferences -> Dark Mode dialog, but the relevant translation item has not been added(?).

    And Dark Mode readability of the disabled text on the same dialog page is not optimal (to see: switch in between the radiobutton “Black tone” and “Customized tone” and compare the color-picker labels appearance). In a different place it is much better (e.g. under the Dark Mode on try switch ANSI<->UTF-8 in the Preferences -> New Document -> Encoding and check the text “Apply to opened ANSI files” beside) .

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