Help....I'm Stuck doing editing some basic code...

  • I am NO Techie at all…I am trying to create a landing page from a template file and Opened the index.html file with NP++ BUT when it open and I see the code it can not be edited…what am I doing wrong…I’m sure that this very simple and I’m missing something easy…I have code for my own Paypal button and my own Youtube video to replace the others that are there.

    Can someone point me to a video or step-by-step instructions…


  • Are you trying to edit the index.html from a file on your computer, or viewing source in a web browser?

    Assuming you have the correct file, in the Notepad++ Edit menu, click “Clear Read-Only Flag” or uncheck “Set Read-Only”

  • That did it …Thank You SOOOOOO Much…Have A Super Blessed Day!!!

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