Keep RTL/LTR per tab

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    Can you keep RTL/LTR per tab? If I set RTL in a tab, then goes back to another tab that was LTR, then don’t force the last test direction on all tabs. Keep each tab with its setting.


  • @Moatassem-Talaat said in Keep RTL/LTR per tab:

    Can you keep RTL/LTR per tab?

    I guess you are saying you have tried and found ALL tabs are set the same way, either RTL or LTR. The manual unfortunately does not state that it is a single setting covering all tabs.

    I have never used this but a couple of things to try will be multi-session instance which allows Notepad++ to run multiple time I’m unsure this will work, though as I suspect it uses the same configuration files. The one which will work is to download the portable version, install that and use it as the RTL version, leaving the installed version to run the LTR tabs. The portable version maintains its own configuration files.


  • @Moatassem-Talaat

    keep RTL/LTR per tab?

    Unfortunately, there are several features that could be “per tab”, but are global. Examples are:

    • wrapping of text (View menu > Word wrap)
    • showing of whitespace and line-endings (View menu > Show Symbol submenu)

    I’m sure there are others.

    I control some of these things on a per-tab basis by using the PythonScript plugin.

    You are certainly welcome to make a feature request, by reading about how to do that HERE.

  • @Terry-R I didn’t say that in multiple instances of N++

    What I meant that changing RTL/LTR on one tab affects all tabs of the same instance … who would open N++ in multiple instances?!

    Changing text direction should not be global dynamic setting but rather significant on the tab it was altered on.


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