Product Enhancement Request for navigating files

  • I use the Open Folder as Workspace feature and have a few hundred files in this folder. I am constantly losing my place in the tabs as I always am editing multiple files at once. If these files are always at the end of the tabs list, no problem. If they are mixed in earlier tabs then it’s a pain to switch back and forth.

    I would like the option when double clicking on a file in the folder/workspace view to have that file automatically be moved to the end of the tabs so that it will be next to the most recent files I’ve been working on.

    Right now, I double click, close the tab and then double click again to get it to the right position.

    Another option would be to right/click and “move to end” of the open tabs.

    Thank you

  • @Glenn-Gnabasik ,

    Interesting idea.

    We fellow Community members cannot do anything about that, as we are mostly just users like you, and this Community exists for fellow Notepad++ users to help each other. We have a FAQ explaining how to make a feature request.

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