Does m1 mac os arm will be avialable in the future?

  • Sound sad, but no editor on mac os didn’t have that functional and good simple interface like Notepad++. Is m1 arm mac os chip will be supported and released version for mac os m1?
    I even can buy it for 100 bucks. And i’m not the only one.

  • @Leonardo-DiCaprio ,

    A native port: no. Notepad++ is written for Windows, using Win32 API calls, and Mac (or Linux) don’t understand those calls.

    To run on any version of Linux (and modern MacOS uses Linux under the hood), you have to use a translation layer like WINE (that’s what is used on Linux; there may be something similar on MacOS). Normally, WINE would then call the normal 64-bit Notepad++ executable to run it; if that doesn’t work on an ARM-based Mac, then maybe WINE-or-Mac-Equivalent could use the new ARM64 executable that is available from the appropriate downloads page.

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