General trouble

  • Hi I use N++ 32-bit x86, latest version (8.1.4) and my notepad++ hangs up when opening. I get an absolute empty Page, no error-message at all. this empty page resists for more than a minute!
    This Failure does show up from time to time only.
    Sometimes notepad++ opens normally.
    What is to be done?

  • @Rolf-Petersen ,

    In your previous session, did you have a network file open? Or a file from a thumb drive? Or from a cloud folder that might be syncing? Or is such a file listed in your recently-used-files list? If Notepad++ is trying to look for the existence of a file on a drive that’s not mounted, or slow to respond, or similar, then it can take a while

    Turning on the checkbox for Settings > Preferences > Recent Files History > Don’t check at launch time might help speed up the process, because then it doesn’t check through the recently-used-files to see if they still exist.

    Also, you might try turning off plugins (run with the -noPlugin option, or rename c:\program files (x86)\Notepad++\plugins folder) to see if one of your plugins is the culprit.

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