See Hex value of character at cursor

  • Would it be possible to show the Hex value of the character currently under the cursor in the status bar at the bottom?

    It’s the one feature I sorely miss when I changed from PSPad to Notepad++.

    The only way I can currently find to see the hex value is to actually convert the text file to Hex. But I don’t really want to convert anything, I just want to be able to see precisely what the Hex value of a single character is.

    Thanks for all your hard work on this excellent program.


  • Hello, @rob-mcdonell and All,

    You could use the @Peterjones’s Python script, provided in this post :

    Each time this Python script is called, it displays, in the leftmost zone of the status bar, the character currently at the right of the caret/cursor, of the current file, even in case of a selection, as well as its Unicode code-point, both in hexadecimal and decimal values !

    • It works with any Unicode character, even for those with code-point over the BMP ( Basic Multilingual Plane )

    • To get the default language name again, just switch to an other tab and switch back

    You may prefer my version with a slightly different layout, here :

    Or this other version, of @alan-kilborn, with a possible replacement of the aimed character :

    Best Regards,


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