Suggested Enhancement: Handle Virtual Desktops properly

    When you enable Virtual Desktops on recent versions of Windows 10, the behaviour of Notepad++ is not ideal. Virtual Desktops allows you to have multiple screens which you can shift between by a keystroke. You can thus have a “window” or “view” into a much larger screen area than the screen.

    If you right-click on a file to open it in Notepad++, the program will check if the application is already opened, and then open the file in the running instance. If Notepad++ is open in another Virtual Desktop, the current “view” will change to that Desktop.

    This is unlikely to be what the user wants.

    In my opinion, the user wants to open a new instance of Notepad++ in the current Virtual Desktop.

    If the file is already opened in an instance of Notepad++, then the user should have a choice

    1. Move the file edit to this window.
    2. Edit a copy
    3. Open in read only mode.


  • @Ulf-Samuelsson

    please see here for more information about feature and bug reports.

  • There are already open issues about virtual desktops on the github issue tracker. Suggest looking them up before you create something new.

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