Horizontally flipped version of the mouse cursor looks ugly, kind of "pixelated".

  • I’m using Windows 10 and the latest version of Npp and when hovering over line numbers my mouse cursor looks like this: npp_ugly_cursor.png
    I don’t remember having this problem when I was using Windows 7.

    Any ideas why this is happening? Can I do something to fix it?

  • @Ahu-Lee ,

    Sorry, I cannot replicate: it looks good to me.

    Maybe you’ve got a plugin that’s fighting over the cursor. Or maybe some other windows app or Windows OS is trying to fight NPP for the cursor. Or maybe you have a video driver issue, or just need a reboot.

  • @PeterJones,

    No, plugins are definitely not an issue here. I’ve tried it with a fresh mini-portable version and it’s the same. Maybe this is some OS/driver thing indeed. Thank you, Peter.

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