Notepad++ 8.1.5 RC 4

  • 8.1.5 Release Candidate 4 is available for testing:

    The fix in RC4 (from RC3) is:
    Fix tab settings in UDL regression

    Notepad++ v8.1.5 new features, enhancements & bug-fixes:

    1. Make Insert date time customizable. (Fix #10467)
    2. Make date time order reversible for short & long format. (Fix #10445)
    3. Add Insert Date/Time commands shortcut & macro capacities. (Fix #10567)
    4. Fix regression: no error message when locked file could not be saved - Show file locked warning now. (Fix #9994)
    5. Make “Confirm Save All” dialog more clear: use “Always Yes” button instead of “Cancel”. (Fix #10339)
    6. Improve JSON, PHP, PYTHON, CSS, BANNC and VHDL syntax highlighting in dark mode. (Fix #10502, #10425, commit)
    7. Fix inconsistency of Document List context menu. (Fix #10463)
    8. Enable/disable ext column via Document list context menu directly. (Fix #10468)
    9. Add path column in Document list panel. (Fix #9679)
    10. Allow custom color for Document Map. (Fix #10052)
    11. Fix docked/float panels in RTL layout issue. (Fix #10488)
    12. Fix CSS pseudo-elements not recognized issue. Update CSS keywords and add new styles. (Fix #10425)
    13. Fix issue that current directory not been applied after changing current directory option in preferences. (Fix #10396)
    14. Sort Default language combobox of “New Document” section in Preferences. (Fix #10513)

    The new release will be available in about 1-3 days if no regression found.
    Thank @ludamo-0 for his bug report.

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