Add AHK language (syntax).

  • Please add AHK (AutoHotkey) as one of the many that comes pre-installed.
    With syntax highlighting and auto-suggestion.

    I’m completely aware of other IDE for AutoHotkey, but I love to use Notepad++ and I don’t want to switch to another editor for AHK.

    Thank You Npp Team!

  • @Gonda-Wireless ,

    Defining new builtin lexers comes from the Scintilla component and getting that updated component includedin the next release of Notepad++, or from Notepad++ users writing a lexer plugin, or from User Defined Languages (UDL). The Notepad++ developers do not write the lexers.

    That said, there is a User Defined Languages Collection where users can share their already-defined UDL with others. And in that collection, there is an AutoHotKey UDL shared. So download that XML and save into your userDefineLangs\ folder (where other UDL like the “markdown._preinstalled.udl.xml” are stored), and restart Notepad++; then AutoHotKey files that end in the .ahk extension will show up with UDL-based syntax highlighting.

  • @PeterJones,
    Thank You so much! It is working as intended.

    Sorry if I requested for “pain in the A job”.
    After reading your reply, I realized its not that easy as I thought earlier.
    I don’t know the complications, as I’m not (Pro)grammer.
    In spite of that, AHK is quiet understandable to mere mortals like me.

  • @Gonda-Wireless

    In addition to the fine information provided by @PeterJones and in case you are not aware of this, there is a subforum on the official AutoHotkey website dedicated to everything related to Notepad++.

    In particular, I suggest you check out this post, which explains how to run a script or selection from Notepad++.

    Have fun