"Bold" & "Italic" checkboxes under "Settings/Preferences/Print"

  • Hello, dear Notepad++ Community!

    Please, check the behavior of “Bold” & “Italic” checkboxes under “Settings/Preferences/Print”.
    “Italic” checkboxes are unchecked after Notepad++ has been restarted and
    they depend on the state of the “Bold” checkboxes.

  • @Iton-Horn ,

    I see the same thing. It looks like a bug.

    Unfortunately, we cannot make changes to the codebase from the Community Forum. Could you please go to the NPP issues page on github and create a bug report. Make sure you follow the template, and give detailed report of how to replicate the problem, including your Debug Info.

    Once you do, copy the link from that issue and paste it in the reply here, so others in the Community can easily find your bug report.

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