Notepad++ 8.1.6 Release Candidate

  • Notepad++ v8.1.6 Release Candidate is available for testing:

    This release is trying to fix 2 long time unfixed issues (several tries but failed though): NUL file-corruption & losing session problem while power cuts or Windows auto-restart PC for updating - The file saving API is changed from POSIX IO functions to Win32 native IO API to remedy these 2 problems so please check the saving functionalities to make sure there’s no regression.

    Notepad++ v8.1.6 bug-fixes:

    1. Fix NUL file-corruption issue after system shutting down brutally (power cuts). (Fix #6133)
    2. Fix session lost issue after MS update restarting Windows. (Fix #10402)
    3. Make Markdown UDL work in every dark theme. (Fix #10593)
    4. Fix file can be marked as saved even it’s been deleted outside. (Fix #10401)
    5. Fix status bar text display glitchy in dark mode. (Fix #10564)
    6. Fix white flash on Notepad++ startup in dark mode issue. (Fix #10601)
    7. Fix docked window sizing direction problem in RTL mode. (Fix #10536)
    8. Fix floating panel movement issue in RTL mode. (Fix #10579)
    9. Fix Print GUI bug in Preferences dialog. (Fix #10552)

    Edit (2021-10-10): 8.1.6 RC is updated for fixing white flash startup in dark mode issue. I didn’t create RC2 since the modification is small and it won’t impact the stability of release.

  • In general no news means no regression, or it’s because only few people try this RC so no regression can be revealed. In anyway v8.1.6 will come out in 1 day.

  • Hi donho, the 6th point (white flash) does not apply when Darkmode Npp is launched through cmd with position data.
    I’ve opened an issue and linked a fix to it here (

  • @Ashfaaq18
    I just saw your fix. It’s a good fix, thank you for the coding effort.
    However, the v8.1.6 is ready to go, and Notepad++ launch via command line is the rare case comparing to the launch via the shortcut. So this bug-fix will be integrated surely, but in the future release (v8.1.7).

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