feature requests: 2(3) new folding commands

  • Commands that:
    1. Move from current node into the parent node (if it has one).
    2. Toggle folding/unfolding of all folds in the file at same level as current fold’s level . (Or as 2 separate commands).

    Note: in 1, by node I don’t mean only something that can be folded, but any “logical line” (with one or more programming statements on it; perhaps other kinds of lines too, depending on language ).
    A node is a parent node if it contains a folding point (and the nodes inside the fold - children nodes); otherwise is a leaf node. It’s a child node if it’s inside the fold of another node.

    # not a  node at all
    print(9)                  # level 0, leaf node
        # not a node either 
    def f(x):                 # level 0, parent node
        """ doc string;       # level 1, parent node
              ad;fad , leaf   # level 2, leaf node
        y=x+1                # level 1 , leaf node
        print(x-y)           # level 1, leaf node
    print(3)                # level 0, leaf node

    1st command, combined with the already existing command, will allow fast navigation like in many file managers’ tree view of folders, often with the arrow keys (right/left to collapse/expand, and up/down to jump through sibling nodes).

    2nd command would be more useful, IMO, than the fixed-level fold/unfold of all nodes (as exists at present). You would not need to know which level exactly you’re currently on in order to fold/unfold all nodes at that level quickly.

    Also, IMO the existing " Collapse/uncollapse current level" should be renamed to “… current node/block”

  • @Victorel-Petrovich

    I’m not big into use of folding, but what you want can probably be done with a script using a script plugin, fairly easily.

    A feature request is fine, but:

    • this isn’t the place to do it
    • there are a lot of open Notepad++ bug reports and feature requests ahead of yours; I mean A LOT, so I wouldn’t wait on that to happen if I were you

  • @Alan-Kilborn thanks for replying

    this isn’t the place to do it

    then where is it?

  • this isn’t the place to do it

    then where is it?

    There is a FAQ which describes the process. You always look at the FAQ list before posting in a new forum, right?

    If you don’t, here is a direct link to the FAQ entry which describes how and where to make a feature request.

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