Notepad++ 6.x crash recovery of unsaved files (Windows)?

  • Hi everyone

    I had a bunch of new / never saved files (new 1, new 2, etc.) open in Notepad++ v6.7.8.2 when Windows (Win 7 Enterprise SP1) completely froze (Windows had been asking to restart after a Windows update for a couple of days but I just kept clicking Postpone, so I guess I was asking for it!)…

    Anyway, after restarting, I was able to get back most of my work in Chrome/Firefox/MS Office/etc. which all have some level of crash recovery, but I didn’t see any such messages in Notepad++.

    I was wondering if someone could shed some light on where it might cache unsaved changes, so I could maybe recover some of work from the temp files?

    Any help appreciated!

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