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  • I am trying to remove end of line checksum which is not needed so my files have about 5000 lines of code in file there is 10 in total
    so a basic line goes blah.blah then tab 1.00 (end of line read next) tab again and a 3 digit checksum so I want to delete everything after the 1.00… I can manual do it with using extended and \t1.00\t413 and repeating for all checksums I see… is there a better way to this?


  • Open Find and replace, check “Regular expression”, replace


    with nothing.

    \t = tab
    \d = any digit
    $ = end of line

  • thanks you so much was so close had \t\d\d\d but it kept showing no match as I was still searching in Extended, not regular.

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