Feature Request: 1. Scrollable Tab-Bar 2. Show/Hide Togglebutton for Doc Switcher etc. 3. Sort Functions

  • Being a heavy NPP user I end up having easilly tens of tabs open and as such the majority of the tabs end up being out of visibility, sure we can enable the Doc Switcher which is much easier but it is space invasive and even that one has a limitation.

    So here’s the sugestions I would be happy to see in NPP.

    1. Scrollable Tab-Bar (Most wante request! :)
      Make the tab bar behave like all modern internet browsers, when hovering mouse courser over the tab row make it possible to swiftly scroll though the row of tabs with the mouse scrollwheel.

    2. Show/Hide Togglebutton for Doc Switcher
      Add toggle button so one can show or hide the Doc Switcher, the same for other types of Lists and windows, such as the “Find in all open documents” which opens up a new window pane, it only has a X button to close it, would be nice to have handy behind a tiny minimize/resume button as any window has in upper right corner, ie. the _ ☐ X
      Let say the Doc Switcher is located on the left side, when it’s open there would be just a tiny toggle < arrow, upon hiding, the arrow changes direction to >, or use _ ☐ X.

    3. Is there any sort function to sort the tabs and Doc Switcher list in alfabetical order, both ascending and descending, as well as chronological order ascending/descending, if not it would be a handy feature.
      (BTW, why is the Doc Switcher in undocced mode always on-top, would be nice when selecting the main window to be on-top.)
      If there aren’t any, I would suggest adding a tiny down-arrow next to the < and > arrows on the right side of the tab-row, with a dropdown menu having the 4 above mentioned sort functions available.
      In a similar fashion as the Firefox browser.
      Something like this below illustrated with some ASCII charachters…

    /‾‾tabs‾‾\ /‾‾tabs‾‾\ /‾‾tabs‾‾\ /‾‾tabs‾‾\ <>+▼≡

    |* Alfabetical order ▲▼
    |* Chronological order ▲▼
    |* Other sorting order ▲▼
    With tiny toggle arrows/symbols/dropdown menus there are many GUI enhacements possible from where we can reach and hide in otherwise space evading stuff.
    (hope all the special symbols become visible after posting)
    <∧∨> ◄▲▼►_ ☐ X ☒ ≡

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