Web based notepad++

  • Hi All,
    I have created a web based file manager which gives user a facility to do all file based operations like (copy/delete/download/dos2unix/unix2dos etc.). Now I want to show large text file in browser (maybe around 500MB) so that user can edit it and save it back on server.
    Somehow can I open notepad++ in browser to open & edit large file in browser?
    I was thinking to open notepad++ as an applet in a browser.
    So is this a good idea? Any other suggestions for this? Thanks in advance.

  • 500MiB in a browser ? Probably not a good idea… You will have to implement some clever mecanism to avoid loading 500MiB of data…
    A WebDAV server would probably be better… (Some link to mount a WebDAV share on Windows 8)

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