Notepad++ 6.8.1 released

  • Source Code Pro in v6.8 could cause your Windows hanging due to some (graphic card?) drivers’ problem. In v6.8.1 Notepad++ include Source Code Pro’s ttf (font files) instead of otf. That solves this hanging issue. As well, text/source code display under Source Code Pro is improved by adding its bold, italic and bold-italic fonts in this release. A lot of bugs are fixed in this version. Please check download page for the further information.

    Download Notepad++ v6.8.1 here:

    Auto-updater will be triggered in few days if there’s no critical issue found.

  • Hi Don.
    The “Restore recent close file” menu voice still result into be in english when you start notepadd++. It seems to remain correctly translated when you apply a translation from settings, but revert back to english whenever you close the program and start it again :)

  • I see also after the update to 6.8.1 a complete freezing of my Windows 7 system.
    I never had such freezing system before the update to NP++ 6.8, and I don’t see other software changes at the moment on the box that can cause the trouble. Is there any information I can provide to debug the problem? I had 3 times now the case that I only could hard reset the box as even after 10-15 min nothing happened.

  • @Carsten-Segieth , Try to disable all plugins (move all .dll files from notepad++ plugins folder to disabled folder or simply rename plugins folder to something else) and test to see if the issue is still present. Then write back the result.

  • I had the same issue. Reinstalling the DSpellCheck plugin did the trick.

  • @Carsten-Segieth said:

    I see also after the update to 6.8.1 a complete freezing of my Windows 7 system

    It could be the Source Code Pro font issue.
    Please use 6.8.3 in which this issue is solved.

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