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  • Il file xml inglese non è completo ed è di parecchie versioni fa. Le stringhe invece dei menu di ordinamento io le vedo tradotte utilizzando il file presente nel vecchio forum di SF. ;)

  • Faccio fatica a comprendere il lavoro dello sviluppatore di Noetpad++.
    Il file lingua inglese non è aggiornato.
    Il file italiano non è aggiornato.

    Dove posso trovare il file inglese aggiornato?

    Ho ri-uploadato l’archivio con gli screenshot degli errori GUI con altri due screenshot (5 e 6).!eY5j0JbK!BcMy8v2miMss2oEGdwTzDan-SKTxPh1quBv4uv5ougU

    Sele traduzioni del menu sort ci sono perchè le stringhe in NP vengono visualizzate in inglese?

    Prova a dargli un’occhiata .

    Al limite sentiamoci via emaiL: roberto . boriotti at canon -

    In questo forum non c’è nenache la notifica nuovi post.


  • It’s difficult to keep translations in sync because it requires manual steps and extra code. I don’t know what has been said about translations, but if I were a translator I would do all my work against this file:

    It is the absolute latest english.xml from the N++ source code repository (for the 6.x versions).

    It contains the strings for sorting and also for “Custom Backup Directory”.

    “Global Styles: …” is unfortunately hardcoded into the program and can’t be translated without making changes to the code.

    I will see about making the auto-completion GUI a bit wider so the Italian strings fit.

    I think the easiest way to get translations into the official N++ repository is to create so called pull requests on Github (see link above). But I get that not everyone has the time or patience to learn about that since it’s a bit programmer-specific.

  • @jonandr
    I collaborated with official translator about a language revision

    I will check the latest english.xml file.

    Is it the same if I will post here the language file and you update github repository?
    I didn’t have enough knowledge about github to make it myself.


  • If I understand how to upload the translation file into the repository, it is not a problem for me to do that. It should take the same time to send every time a mail to Don the new file. But I’m wondering if there’s a way to do that without the need to install a full git client and so on, I’m new to github at the mmoment. Looking into the possibility to have notifications for new commit only for the localization flder!
    Some times ago I started also to try do develop a tool to maintain the translations updated with that of the english.xml, but since that was always outdated, or we could have that only after a new version is out, I let it die as a project. An idea I had was to add the translations file on the “pugin manager” plugin, it should not be too difficult to make a piece of code that check the translaion version on the installed files and verify it on the server, as it already do with the plugins…

    @ Roberto: the custom backup directory string has chenged its ID, so the problem there is that the italian localization still use the old one. I had no idea of this change, so will fix it. For the other string not localixed, try to see if the nativeLang.xml and italian.xml files match. If not, try to put english and then again italian :)

  • @jonandr
    As first step I believe that should be update the Italian language into the repository with an update Italian version.
    I will check the strings and I will update it.
    When we will post the new language file please update it into the repository.

    I already tried to change Italian -> English -> Italian to show all changes.
    But I found the same problem.

    I’m afraid that the forum don’t notify reply in the thread.

  • @Ice_Eyes
    Found the different ID e fixed it.
    Fixed also the problem about Operation on lines.
    The new language files is here!PFw1DZ4b!L-kNmYkUVqAWsQ5tzmZXQ1RtYjFLJeykLczR6UjTg3Y

    Please take care that the order the lines order between English & Italian language is different.
    The Italian use “normal” numeric order than English one use not always numeric id order.
    To make a good compare we have to decide if the Italian language have to follow English one order or the English could have a numeric standard order.

    <Item id=“42050” name=“Paste Binary Content”/>
    <Item id=“42037” name=“Column Mode…”/>
    <Item id=“42034” name=“Column Editor…”/>
    <Item id=“42051” name=“Character Panel”/>
    <Item id=“42052” name=“Clipboard History”/>
    <Item id=“42025” name=“Save Currently Recorded Macro”/>
    <Item id=“42026” name=“Text Direction RTL”/>
    <Item id=“42027” name=“Text Direction LTR”/>
    <Item id=“42028” name=“Set Read-Only”/>
    <Item id=“42029” name=“Current File Path to Clipboard”/>
    <Item id=“42030” name=“Current Filename to Clipboard”/>
    <Item id=“42031” name=“Current Dir. Path to Clipboard”/>

    The Item ID are not always sequential.

    In Windows installation the language are WIndows-1252

    <?xml version = “1.0” encoding = “Windows-1252” ?>

    then in Github are UTF-8.

    <?xml version = “1.0” encoding = “UTF-8” ?>

    I believe that UTF-8 could be good also for Windows.


  • @Ices_Eyes

    I made an attempt to update my (Hungarian) translation using this pull request thing, to check this method. It’s easy. I created a small guide for us beginners. We could create a new topic here including these infos, if you agree. Please let me know your thoughts:

    1. Have a gmail account which will be used to login to this Notepad++ community.
      Note: It’s suggested to create a new account dedicated for translation work.

    2. Create account on github.
      Note: It’s suggested to use the previously created email.

    3. Go to here:

    4. Go into your maintained language file

    5. To create your change, follow these steps:

    • Click the button at right top corner titled “Fork this project and edit this file”.
    • Make your changes. You can use select all XML , delete the content and paste the whole new content.
    • Click “Preview file” tab, and check the differences you will make!
    • Add description to “Propose file change” section at bottom.
    • Click “Propose file change” button at the bottom.
      At this point the change is made, but a Pull Request still to be created.
    1. To make Pull request:
    • Click “Create Pull request” button at end of previous step.
    • Check the description of the change, write comments.
    • Finally press “Create Pull request” again.
    1. Follow your pull request here (Opened pull requests):
    • Check when it is approved.
    • Optionally post a comment in your translation topic.


    • The GitHub for windows application is not needed.
    • When you prepare your XML language file in Notepad++, it’s suggested to use the “Edit -> Blank Operations -> Trim Trailing Space” function, to remove needless spaces at end of lines, because the Github will list the space differences, and that’s just unnecessary work when checking the diff.

  • @balanyc

    Many thanks for your detailed guide.
    I propose you (if the admins are agree) to create a specific post for your explanation how to update github translation because I believe that can be very useful for many translators.

    Did you check if also in your translation Macro -> “Trim trailing and save” remain untranslated (no string in original master English file)

  • @jonandr

    text string missing

    Macro -> “Trim trailing and save”

    In Column mode editor the warning windows (Column mode tip) the title and the text inside are untranslated.

    Please add them to language file.

    Please clarify the differences between the code page file coding between github (UTF-8) and Windows installation (1252).


  • @Eventi-Canon

    I did not mean the Macro named “Trim Trailing and Save”, rather I meant the native Notepad++ function build in the menu:
    Edit -> Blank Operations -> Trim Leading and Trailing Space.
    The Macro is not translatable indeed, however the menu is.

    HOWEVER, I was wrong! I didn’t fully check. Do not use this “Trim Leading and Trailing Space” menu, because it removed also the indent of lines! Only the trailing spaces need to be removed.
    So please use “Edit -> Blank Operations -> Trim Trailing Space”!
    I’ll modify the user guide.

  • Posted a pull request for Italian language update (cloud settings strings).

  • Post a new pull request for Italian language updates.

    I used XMLTreeNav 0.3.1 (i created also italian language for that) to check all XML nodes and found several

    Untranslated nodes (english available but not for Italian)
    Orphan nodes (old nodes available in Italian but not in English).

    I translated the Eenglish nodes and purged Italian orphan nodes.

    I suggest to use XMLTreeNav to make a deep check.

  • Roberto, I don’t know what translation version you are using for comparison, but I do not find all the modification you are doing in the latest available. For exam,ple it seems you have deleted the strings
    <Item id = “44011” name = “Finestra impostazioni personalizzate…” />
    <Item id = “44012” name = “Nascondi margine numeri di riga” />
    <Item id = “44013” name = “Nascondi margine segnalibri” />
    <Item id = “44014” name = “Nascondi margine cartella” />

    But all those strings are menu entry currently available in notepad++, and the translations are needed…

  • Did you check with english.xml language file available on github?
    I use it for comparison for italian.xml.
    And in english.xml available on github theese strings are not included.

  • Please download english.xml & italian.xml files.

    Download XMLTreeNav fromhere

    and you can compare them.

  • Yeah. But the english.xml file is not always correct, and does not include all the strings available in Notepad++. English strings are embeddend in the code other that in the xml file. So if some strings are not available in the language files they are still visible in the program. I will pull a request of update with my version of translation, that I’m sure have almost any translatable string in it. I had made a cleanupo of the file not so long time ago. :)

  • No. I’m not agree. You are working in wrong way (and is not logical).
    Please don’t make a pull request of a language file that is not in pair (aligned) with github english.xml.
    You are mixing two different version.
    One in the Github project is different than program
    The english.xml and Italian.xml in Github showld be always in pair.
    If some strings are missing in english.xml github language file, you should ask to the developer to add the missing strings in english.xml, then we can update the Italian.xml (ad maintain always english-italian language in pair).
    But the two languages should always contains the same amount and type of strings.
    Please don’t mix different sources, languages.
    The language on github repository shouldn’t be equal to language file
    This is the only correct way to do that.
    I found some strings (Like “Online documentations”/“Live Support” that are not included in italian language (but are available in english github language).
    Please check it with XMLTreeNav program.

  • Again… The english.xml file is not updated as it should, and it has never been so… The english.xml file is not needed for the program, and it is there only for parity with the other languages. If you pair the two file, you will have a perfect n++ interface in english, and a totally messedup interface in italian, with missing string or wrong translations… That’s how the things are, it’s not a problem of good or bad way to work. If you chack any language file, all of them will be not paired with the english file. At least not the more updated…

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