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  • @jonandr

    text string missing

    Macro -> “Trim trailing and save”

    In Column mode editor the warning windows (Column mode tip) the title and the text inside are untranslated.

    Please add them to language file.

    Please clarify the differences between the code page file coding between github (UTF-8) and Windows installation (1252).


  • @Eventi-Canon

    I did not mean the Macro named “Trim Trailing and Save”, rather I meant the native Notepad++ function build in the menu:
    Edit -> Blank Operations -> Trim Leading and Trailing Space.
    The Macro is not translatable indeed, however the menu is.

    HOWEVER, I was wrong! I didn’t fully check. Do not use this “Trim Leading and Trailing Space” menu, because it removed also the indent of lines! Only the trailing spaces need to be removed.
    So please use “Edit -> Blank Operations -> Trim Trailing Space”!
    I’ll modify the user guide.

  • Posted a pull request for Italian language update (cloud settings strings).

  • Post a new pull request for Italian language updates.

    I used XMLTreeNav 0.3.1 (i created also italian language for that) to check all XML nodes and found several

    Untranslated nodes (english available but not for Italian)
    Orphan nodes (old nodes available in Italian but not in English).

    I translated the Eenglish nodes and purged Italian orphan nodes.

    I suggest to use XMLTreeNav to make a deep check.

  • Roberto, I don’t know what translation version you are using for comparison, but I do not find all the modification you are doing in the latest available. For exam,ple it seems you have deleted the strings
    <Item id = “44011” name = “Finestra impostazioni personalizzate…” />
    <Item id = “44012” name = “Nascondi margine numeri di riga” />
    <Item id = “44013” name = “Nascondi margine segnalibri” />
    <Item id = “44014” name = “Nascondi margine cartella” />

    But all those strings are menu entry currently available in notepad++, and the translations are needed…

  • Did you check with english.xml language file available on github?
    I use it for comparison for italian.xml.
    And in english.xml available on github theese strings are not included.

  • Please download english.xml & italian.xml files.

    Download XMLTreeNav fromhere

    and you can compare them.

  • Yeah. But the english.xml file is not always correct, and does not include all the strings available in Notepad++. English strings are embeddend in the code other that in the xml file. So if some strings are not available in the language files they are still visible in the program. I will pull a request of update with my version of translation, that I’m sure have almost any translatable string in it. I had made a cleanupo of the file not so long time ago. :)

  • No. I’m not agree. You are working in wrong way (and is not logical).
    Please don’t make a pull request of a language file that is not in pair (aligned) with github english.xml.
    You are mixing two different version.
    One in the Github project is different than program
    The english.xml and Italian.xml in Github showld be always in pair.
    If some strings are missing in english.xml github language file, you should ask to the developer to add the missing strings in english.xml, then we can update the Italian.xml (ad maintain always english-italian language in pair).
    But the two languages should always contains the same amount and type of strings.
    Please don’t mix different sources, languages.
    The language on github repository shouldn’t be equal to language file
    This is the only correct way to do that.
    I found some strings (Like “Online documentations”/“Live Support” that are not included in italian language (but are available in english github language).
    Please check it with XMLTreeNav program.

  • Again… The english.xml file is not updated as it should, and it has never been so… The english.xml file is not needed for the program, and it is there only for parity with the other languages. If you pair the two file, you will have a perfect n++ interface in english, and a totally messedup interface in italian, with missing string or wrong translations… That’s how the things are, it’s not a problem of good or bad way to work. If you chack any language file, all of them will be not paired with the english file. At least not the more updated…

  • If your “biG” problem was only the four strings you should started from alste language in repository and add the 4 strings.
    Instead you upload your old and buggy translation of
    I see many thanks to destroy my job!!!

    The language is not paired because you and the other worked in wrong way.
    If the english language have missed string id and no one reported to developepr, you continue to work on translation on viceversa (but not on english).
    And if there are some mismatch on translated language and english are not sure that is right or not.
    As you said the english-.xml should be the master for all language comparison and should be always updated and aligned.
    I completly disagree about your Italian translation (of because contains several errors (liek Storia Appunt - is Cronologia appunti), many uppercase/lower case mismatch and others (corrente used instead attaule) and again again.
    I sent sometimes ago a detailed report about it but you ignored it and use a baaly translations.
    Then tomorrow morning I will update the translation on repository (beacuse your translation contains several errors and is not aligned).
    Please use a shared and logical way to work and didn’t find a personal router to solve your problem without inform the developer.
    If you want to work in a shared way create a pull request for developer with the id list that are missing in English translation.

    If you are not agree I believe that the only way is to have two different italian language file. because I can share your wrong way to work.

  • You have made the same thing by deleting string and deciding a “better” way to work… You destroyed my work… By the way I take the italian translation of this project some years ago and try to do my best in order to keep it up to date with the most recent version of the software available, either by asking the developer for updates that usually ignore that, or by seaching for new strings by myself or with the help of other translators that like me try to do their best on this work.
    So, if you think you can do better, I think I can retire from this task, and let you go on with this, I can just told you good luck, and please, do not let the translation die just becouse Don Ho do not update the english file like you ask, or for someone else do not follow your rules. Keep in mind that the version I upload is complete and contains all the string, despite you say that they are not available or translated.
    At this point, good luck with you work, I’m ouyt now. It’s your turn ;)


  • You continue to insist to mix two type of language files.

    One is the program language file and the other is github language file.
    Now I made a pullup request of english master language file changes with the strings missing.

    If the admin accept it and update english file, tomorrow morning i will re-update my file with all strings missing that you explained.
    This the right way to work.
    First fix the english master errors than proceed with translations.
    Is not my opinion but it’s a logical and simple way to work.

    The current italian language file that you uploaded contains several errors and have some string missing (as I explained before please use XMLTreeNav to check new string in english file not available in your file).

    Then with english master aligned and italian language aligned and correct should be fine.

  • I do not know how I can told it to you in other ways…
    english.xml file is not correct. It is outdated for some string, have missing string and have strings that are no more in the program. So if you start to translate from that file, you will lost several versions of translations and alignment strings. But it’s your choice, proceed as you better think it is ;)

  • @Roberto-Boriotti
    Hi Roberto,
    I don’t want to take part of your fight, but I felt it maybe worth to clarify some things here, to help the situation.

    First please be a bit more polite with your collegue. Ice_Eyes is maintaining the Italian language file for long time. He helped a lot also for other translators.

    Your wanted method is correct, but it’s important to mention that it’s unrealistically too much ideal. Based on 10 years experience of Notepad++ translation, I can tell you that the English.xml file never was updated fully properly. Believe us, we also tried to ask developers several times an updated original language file, but but that’s most often is not successful. This was said by Ices_Eyes as well. I remember to cases when I asked several times to include certain strings to the original file, but they were refused to do so. So your point can be understood, but also please you could accept that the original file sometime is not uptodate and then the translator is required to add strings even if they are not in original.

    There is no problem with doing that, as long as the translator keeps maintaining his file to match to original English.xml as much as possible, and if translator keeps track of the additional “unofficial” items on his own method.

    When a translation updated, it can be paired to match to the master English.xml, i.e. strings to be removed and added to match. However when a string found which is not present in original master file, then there is no problem with including it additionally in the translated file, as it improves the translation. Of course the translator should keep it track in his own method. Later, when the master file is updated, let’s say with those new strings, then the language file can be further matched to the master, for example moving lines into the correct position now, to match to the original.

    Concluding that, your point to always match to the master file is correct, but the missing strings can be included until they are not in master. This is the translator’s decision, so please respect it.

    And if you think that some of the translation itself can be improved in regard to certain strings, you can still discuss your suggestion with your collegue, to improve it.

    Finally about below 3 strings:
    <Item id = “44012” name = “Hide line number margin”/>
    <Item id = “44013” name = “Hide bookmark margin”/>
    <Item id = “44014” name = “Hide folder margin”/>
    These 3 items are only appearing in menu if “Customize Toolbar” plugin is installed. These are valid strings which are not in master file, and it’s suggested to include in translation.

    I checked also about this:
    <Item id = “44011” name = “User-Defined Dialogue…”/>
    This item was present in 6.1.5 version, but later was removed. This item was not anymore present in 6.5 version at least, and if I follow correctly it can be indeed removed from translation.

  • @Roberto-Boriotti
    I reviewed your #511 Pull Request to master English.xml, and unfortunately I had to comment there that it’s not correct. Most of your suggested change is incorrect, many of those strings ARE orphaned and not anymore used by the program.

    For example:
    <Item id = “1640” name = “Switch dialog”/>
    This was removed in 5.5 version long time ago.

    This one below is not picked up so pointless to include in XML:
    <CreateNewLanguage title=“Create new language…”>
    <Item id=“1” name=“OK” />
    <Item id=“2” name=“Cancel” />
    <Item id=“26001” name=“Name:” />

    I created a new topic with the additional items which are rather needed. According to my knowledge there are only 7 additional. All others in your change are orphaned.

  • @batagy Thanks for your detailed report.
    Did you already make a pull request for update english.xml with 7 string missing reported here

    or are you waiting the confirm from other translators?

  • @Roberto-Boriotti
    Not yet.
    However I requested you several times to delete the “Update translation on Github repository” topic that one with the 11 posts. The button is at right bottom “Topic Tools -> Delete Topic” at the topic. Thanks a lot, appreciate that!

  • I cannot delete the topic. Only admn can do that…

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