Notepad++ Community moderators wanted

  • Currently the forum are polluted by some spams - the most of them are filtered by a plugin of nodeBB (Spam Be Gone), a small amount of them are posted in the forum, as you can notice.
    If you are interested to help us to kill some spams, you are welcome to join moderators group - it won’t be a heavy task (you delete the spam when you see them, as you are in forum) and you’ll not be alone, @milipili and I will be always here.

    Please let us know (reply in this thread) if you want to be moderator of Notepad++ Community.

  • I’d be glad to help out!

  • Thank you @dail !
    I just added you in moderator group.
    I will publish the procedure to eliminate spamer ASAP.

    Happy hunting!

  • Hi Don,

    Of course, I do ! No problem. I’d be rather proud to contribute to N++ project, in an other way than posting. Just tell me what to do !



  • Thank you @guy038 !
    I added you in the group so you have the right to ban users and delete tropics.

    Let’s kill some spams!

  • @donho, What’s your preferred way to handle spam? I see I can delete a topic, and then have an option to purge it. Should I do both? And also ban the user? Thanks

    Also, how do I ban a user?

  • @dail & @guy038, here is the guideline :

    Ban the fake account firstly, then flag the post for moderation (so the anti-spam plugin will learn the content).
    Delete the posts - you can select the post in batch, just like selection the characters in Notepad++ :

    1. click on the user’s symbol icon for the selection start.
    2. press Shift key without releasing it and clicking on the user’s symbol icon for the selection end.
    3. check the selection to make sure it contains only spams.
    4. Menu Topic Tool -> Delete Topic
    5. Menu Topic Tool -> Purge Topic

    I do understand it’s fastidious to flag post one by one (@milipili has made a feature request for banning user and making flag all posted contents). In this case please flag some different contents for the anti-spam platform learn the patern.

    Let me know if you got any question.

  • Hi Don,
    I also want to be part of it.

  • I am willing to help, I used to be a Moderator for KSI Global Forums

  • Hi @ss005 and @NicholasBrandow ,

    I just added you in Moderators group.
    Thank you for your help !

  • @donho I’d be glad to help out!

  • Thank you @Jan-Schreiber.
    Just add you in Moderator group.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

  • I’d be glad to help out! (TR)

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