Shorter executable script/exe filename

  • When put into PATH it’s possible to use npp+ from command line
    cmd: notepad++ filename
    But comparing to vi/vim or nano, or native “notepad” command on Windows, notepad++ is hard to type.
    It would be nice to have some shorter version of notepad++.exe, maybe cmd/bat file, which could make possible to run notepad++ in this way or so:
    cmd: npp filename

  • Just rename it yourself or create a symlink

  • Hello, Картошка с луком,

    Here is, below, an other simple method :

    • Go to the C:\Windows\System32 folder

    • Right-click and create a new shortcut, just called NP

    • Choose, as target, the absolute path of Notepad++.exe

    • Probably, choose to start this program in the N++ installation folder

    Then, to run Notepad++.exe :

    • Start the Windows Run menu, with the Windows key + R shortcut

    • Just type NP and valid

    => N++ should start, at once, regardless to your present location :-)

    As for me, it works fine, with a portable N++ installation, from an archive file, on a Win XP machine :-)

    However, you may come across some related problems, with the W7/W8 configurations and/or the N++ Installer. I couldn’t test these cases as I don’t have, presently, any W7/W8 machine available ( I’m still, in Summer Holidays, guys, Ah, Ah ! )

    Best Regards,


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