Project file extension and association

  • Hello Notepad+±community,

    Last week I get known with the project windows and workplace-funtion.
    Unfortunately I missed two things:

    • list item a standardized file extension: My favorite would be np3 - NotepadPlusPlus-Project
    • list item a possibility to open Notepad-projectfiles with Notepad++ direct.

    Can anybody suggest a workaround ?

    PS: Is there a place to post possible future features ?

    Thank you everyone from Germany,


  • Hi, I created this feature request and then created this pull request a couple months ago that does exactly what you suggest. The user can define any file extension they like. If you then try to open a file with that extension, it will open it as a project. No idea if this will ever get accepted though. If you have a github account you are encouraged to go over to those posts to show your support :)