Document jumps when press the Tab key

  • I love Notepad++. I really do. It’s solely responsable for my new coding addiction. However, I’ve been living with one of the most annoying bugs ever for some time now…

    I’m editing a large batch document. Whenever I press the Tab key, the document ‘jumps’ so that the line on which the cursor is is moved to the top of the code window. Incredibly annoying and can’t find any solutions online for this - anyone any ideas?

  • Try disabling your plugins first. You can just rename your plugins directory before you start N++.

  • Spot on thanks dail!! Some pesky plugin somewhere - no idea which one, but only use one these days, so just diabled the others.

    Thank You.

  • You can copy each one into your plugins folder at a time and restart N++ until it starts causing issues, then you’ll know for sure which one is causing it.

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