Notepad++ 6.8.2 still visivle after you exit it

  • Notepad++ is still visible after you exit. This is so annoying that I have to fallback to version 6.8.1. Please update it!
    I am on Windows Vista.
    Best Regards
    –Roberto Nogueira

  • It’s a little bit unspecific. Do you constantly hit the X, but nothing happens? Do you finally terminate Notepad++ with a task manager?

  • I’m also seeing the same behavior with 6.8.1 on two Win 7 systems.

    After clicking on the red X to close, the application closes, disappearing from Task Manager, but the image of Notepad++ remains on the screen until something overlays or replaces the pixels.

  • See this thread. It will be fixed in 6.8.3

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