Suggestion re searches

  • I’m not sure if this is where to put suggestions, let me know if not.

    It would be very useful (and, I assume, easy to do), if you could right-click on completed searches and say “search again”.

    Obviously would only be different if the file has changed (quite frequent in my usage).


  • What do you mean by “right-click on completed searches?” Do you mean something like issue #452 (“Saved Find & Replace strings”)? This would enable a user to automatically fill the textboxes of the find-and-replace dialog with strings that were used to find or replace in the past. If you need this feature, you could indicate that it’s wanted by upvoting in an issue comment.

  • I think what was meant was in relation to the “Find result” window. When a “Find All…” completes, it will leave its results there. I’m presuming that the wanted behavior is to be able to right-click in that window, on a purple line with text: ‘Search “foo” (xxx hits in yyy files)’ and have a “Run same search again” option in the popup menu. Just my interpretation…

  • I see. Then, this would need to become an issue:

    Please be clear and descriptive. If possible, show or describe some possible GUI design.

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