Bug with "Open in another instance" function

  • Hi there,

    Not sure if it’s the right place for bug report but as the main app is concerned here (and not plugin), I think you won’t blame me for post this! ;)

    Well, under Win7, NotePad version 6.8 :
    trying to open “in another instance”

    if the current file is “new 0” : no problem
    if several files included in tabs AND files are splitted in 2 views insode the same app window, <hatever the file im viewing when asking to open in antoher instance : alerts keep comming, asking me “xxxx doesn’t exist, do you want to create the file xxxx?” where xxxxx are any single code line of the file itself… 500 lines = 500 alerts :D

    Its a cool bug, hitting space (to close the alert) and then Esc immediately after make this infernal routine stops. Anyway, its a bug, no ? :)

    see ya guys, and thanks to the dev team for this huge soft :)

    Crmcurve.fr devs

  • to reproduce the bug, try a Ctrl+A to select whole file code… and then click on ‘open in another instance…’ Am I the only one ?

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