Settings folders everywhere

  • Hi,

    I’m using Notepad++ V6.7.9.2 and recently noticed that config folders have started appearing everywhere. I’m not exactly sure what the trigger is as it doesn’t happen all of the time, but sometimes when I double-click to open a file, a Notepad++ folder is created in the same directory, containing the config, contextMenu, langs, shortcuts and stylers xml files.

    Has anyone else noticed this behaviour or do I just have some odd configuration settings somewhere?


  • Saw a similar bug report on Sourceforge. Are you running with the settings in the cloud? If so, does the problem still occur if you turn it off (Settings -> Preferences -> Cloud -> No cloud, and then restart)?

  • Hi jonandr,

    Yes, I did have the cloud option turned on, and for some reason the Google Drive option has become disabled (greyed out). I have Google Drive installed so I’m not entirely sure why that has happened.

    Switching the could settings to ‘No Cloud’ stops the folder being created.


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