Lost my file on System Restart - Help pls

  • Hi All,
    I was editing my website code on notepad++ when my system restarted
    On opening back - it was filled with “null” characters
    I do not have a backup and the 7 seconds notepad++ backup has saved only my null characters
    Any way to get my old working code back?

  • Might be a little late (9 days ago), but take a look at the file in a hex editor. It’s possible that the UTF (Unicode) is out of sync and you are only seeing the null characters. Assuming you are using Latin based language where 1 byte per character is used, in Unicode every other character is a NULL.

    Assume that “.” is null. If you open a Unicode file in an editor that doesn’t recognize Unicode, so you can see the actual contents, you will see something like:


    I haven’t seen what you are talking about happen, and you would have to be saving the file in a Unicode type format for this to happen, but if something was corrupted it could in theory do what you describe.

    Or, the file might just be lost.

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