Notepad txt looks different in Notepad++

  • I hope this works (a lot is blocked here at work):

    I share this TXT file with a colleague of mine but the lay-out is shifted when opening it in Notepad++. I’ve tried different themes or even making sure the same font and size is used (Lucida Console, 10pt) but it stays the same. Messing around with it in either program makes it worse. Is N++ reading the special characters (╔, ┼, ●, …) differently?
    My colleague refuses to utilize N++ but I couldn’t go without.

    Using version v6.8.3 on Windows 7 Enterprise (Build 7601: SP1).

  • Try adjusting your tab sizes. I think Notepad uses 8 spaces to represent tabs.

  • The safest way to make this work (regardless of tab settings that are handled inconsistently across different applications) is to use spaces rather than tabs.