config.model.xml Deployment issues

  • Hi,

    I’m planning on deploying notepad++ (currently v6.7.9.2) into a Windows 7 64bit environment.

    The silent install is working as expected, but…
    I have altered the config.model.xml and as part of my scripting I copy the updated file into the “C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++” directory, overwriting the file that is created as part of the installation.

    I was expecting that as notepad++ is opened it will use the config.model.xml file to create the %appdata%\notepad++\config.xml for the current user, but the changes I have made to the config.model.xml are not reflected in the users config.xml.

    What am I missing?


  • Update: after further testing I have found the issue was caused by another unrelated process that was transferring an existing %appdata%\notepad++\ profile and so the config.model.xml was not being used used to generate a new profile.

    Resolution: By manually removing the %appdata%\notepad++\ profile and then opening notepad++ the config.model.xml worked as expected and the updated settings were create the %appdata%\notepad++\config.xml.

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