File associations show random items

  • When only looking at and setting file associations as Administrator, everything works. Not exactly easy to use, but it does what one could expect from it.

    When looking at and/or setting file associations without Administrator privileges, random items are displayed in the list. These include .inl, .inlx, .inms, .inv, .inx and lots of others I never selected. I don’t even know what all of these mean.

    Maybe I inadvertantly broke it by my initial effort to set file associations without Admin privileges. I went to the custom section and added the file extensions .txt, .log, .ini, .xml, .config, .conf and maybe one or two more. I can’t remember anymore what was displayed after restarting Notepad++ but the selected extensions were not associated. I then found out that I need to do it as Admin so I did it again.

    This random display which is also not true (the listed file extensions are not associated with Notepad++ but other applications which they belong to, like InDesign or Visual Studio). I consider this a bug that needs to be fixed.

    Notepad++ version 6.8.3 on Windows 7 x64 SP1.

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