Making Spell Check The Foundation of ++

  • Since all computers come with a plain text editor (Notepad in Win & TextEdit in Mac), most people are seeking a text editor with the central feature of a rich spell checking function. Even now there are programs being offered for sale (e.g. spellcheckanywhere dot com), which allow (us) writers , webmasters (and the like), the ability to type in notepad and spell check within the same program. In the past we’d have to copy/paste them into Word, and on a computer that had MS Office purchased (typically at a school or office) to run a spell check so that our published writings do not read like kindergartner scribbling . When Notepad++ first came out, we were all aglow that we now have an alternative to the old ways of notepad (or even wordpad for that matter). Then something happened! Rather than spell check being the keystone to Notepad++ it has all but vanished; relegated to a program addendum that has to be side-loaded or other such nonsense. Once you all make spell check a prime feature of the program, lots of people who have since upgraded to Win 10, will want to reinstall the program again (myself included). ~ PAA

  • Paul, thanks for your feedback, much appreciated. I agree with you that the DSpellCheck plugin by Sergey Semushin is one of the most important plugins for many users. It doesn’t ship with the Notepad++ distribution atm because it causes the application to hang on newer versions of Windows. The plugin will be back as soon as that issue gets sorted out.

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