Launch in Browsers and all the other options are gone!

  • Hello,
    After the last update of Notepadd++ all the options of launching in differend programs are GONE! Please help me with this. I really liked the function for launcing in Chrome and the other browsers for building websites.

    Can annyone help me?!

  • @Thom-Knepper

    Which version of N++ are you using? I’m on the latest (6.8.1), and have options under the ‘Run’ tab to:

    Launch in Firefox Crtl+Alt+Shift+X
    Launch in IE Crtl+Alt+Shift+I
    Launch in Chrome Crtl+Alt+Shift+R
    Launch in Safari Crtl+Alt+Shift+F

    There’s no option to Launch in the Microsoft’s new Edge browser just yet.

    Hope this helps

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