Hide lines - how to show again?

  • The comand “Hide lines” (Alt+H) makes document lines disappear. These lines will then disappear without a trace. Line numbering skips them, so I guess they’re still there, just not accessible anymore. I’m not yet sure what this could be useful for.

    But what is the inverse operation to this view option? How can I get those hidden lines back? I need to re-open the document to see them again.

    Also, after pressing Alt+H, the cursor disappears as well. Is that intentional?

  • Hello Yves,

    Quite easy ! Just do ONE mouse LEFT click, on ONE of the TWO blue “chevrons”, in the Boomark margin :-))

    Notes :

    • If NO part, of your current file, is selected, the View - Hide lines option ( or the ALT + H shortcut ) hides the CURRENT line only.

    • If a RECTANGULAR or NORMAL selection exists, it hides ALL the lines selected.

    • When some lines are PARTIALLY selected, ALL these lines are hidden.

    • If you select some lines, with the mouse, in the LINE NUMBER margin, it will hide ALL the SELECTED lines as well as the line, located just UNDER the selected block.

    • If some of the lines,hidden, were previously BOOKMARKED, they get back their blue circle mark(s), while clicking on a “chevron”, to get them visible again.

    • You can hide a bloc of lines, which already contains one or more hidden blocks. But, when you’ll click to get this last block visible, it will display ALL the lines of that block !

    Best Regards,


  • I find that if I hide a few lines, then hide a few more lines right below the previously hidden, restoring them to visibility on restores the second group. The first group remains hidden, with no little triangles in the margin to restore them.

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