Built-In Operators? (Lua)

  • Is there somewhere I can look at/add to the built-in operators for a language? To be specific, Lua seems to be missing the “.” operator (and a few others) and it’s annoying to have syntax highlighting fail because of a parent/child reference. I’ve tried creating a custom language so I could “fix” it, but apparently the UDL system doesn’t like comments with similar patterns (-- for single-line comments breaks --[[ for multiline comments). :/

  • I was able to simulate the appropriate behavior with UDL. I just had to use a delimiter for line comments rather than the line comment section. Silly, but it works.

  • Hello StormFX,

    May be, you could be interested by the Gary Mod 10 Lua syntax highlighter plugin for N++, that you can download, from the link, below :


    For a manual installation :

    • Extract the GmodLua.dll library, at top level of this archive, in your N++ plugins folder

    • Extract the GmodLua.xml file, located in the Config folder of the archive, in your active N++ Config folder

    It works nice, with my 6.8.1 N++ installation :-))

    Main page can be found at the address :


    Just, note that this site is, from now on, archived and read-only and that it moved to GitHub :


    However, you’ll, still, find some information and the release notes, from the two links, below :



    You may modify the foreground and/or background colours of any of the 19 GmodLua defined styles :

    • From the Style configurator, choosing GmodLua in the Language drop-down list, then any style, proposed in the Style drop-down list

    • Directly changing values of the fgColor/bgColor items, in the LexerStyles node, at the end of the GmodLua.xml file

    Best Regards,


    P.S :

    I’m wondering : are you the same guy, to whom I replied, in March 2014, on SourceForge forum, and who asked for help, with these funny terms Thx 4 F1 ?

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