Unattended Installation (Auto Update Disabled)

  • I would like to deploy Notepad++ in an unattended installation and disable auto update yet still allow the program to manually update. Our institution mandates that all application’s have the auto update features disabled yet still allow the user the ability to manually update if desired. I have not been able to locate any switch commands to disabled the updater during the installation and the primary method in the field seem to be to rename/delete the ‘updater’ folder post deployment. The problem with doing this is it also removes the ability to manually update as well. Obviously this can be done via the GUI however this is not an option in an unattended installation. Can you steer me in a direction that I can accomplish this in a managed deployment environment?

  • 47 view and no one has any thoughts?

  • There’s no option for not installing auto-updater in silent mode currently.
    I’ll make it happen in the future version’s installer.

  • THANK YOU, that’s awesome!


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