Copy text from search text in folders

  • Hello,

    In the last releases (at least 6.7 and up), it is no more possible to copy all from the search results of the search text in folders, to be more precise: we can copy all but not paste all.

    The result of the search is a tree of file names and of the text found into each file:
    Search “XXXX” (n hits in m files)
    +File name and path (n hits)
    line xx text
    line xx text
    +File name and path (n hits)

    Before it was posible to copy all and past in a new document and get the text results but also the file names, a sort and I get the file name list for use into a command file for instance.
    Now I get only the text but not the file names…
    Bug ?
    I didn’t see a parameter into the configuration ?

    Thanks for your help

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