Is there a way to create a new language based on an existing one?

  • Hi,

    I want to create a variant of the VB language… I don´t want to start from scratch, but yet, to adjust the VB language to cover a few more words and change the colors of some strings…

    I see I can create my own language, but can I start a new language used an existing one as a template?



  • No there is not unfortunately. I’ve looked into this in the past making my own variant of C. The User Defined Languages work completely differently from the ones already built in. There are ways of adding new keywords to existing languages though if this is all you are wanting to do. If you use the menu Settings > Style Configurator... and select VB under the languages languages and WORDS under the style list, towards the right you can add user-defined keywords. This may not be exactly what you were wanting but it may be enough to get by if you don’t want to recreate VB as a user defined language.

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