Incorrect line endings

  • Is there any cure to the line ending detection bug in N++?

    It incorrectly identifies the line endings in remote files (on a winsshfs mapped drive). The file has only linux line endings, yet after opening the file N++ shows Dos/Windows on the status bar and all newlines added to the file will be \r\n.

    If I copy the same file to local disk and open it from there the format gets correctly identified as UNIX.

  • Notepad++ shouldn’t have trouble detecting line endings at all. Are you sure winsshfs isn’t changing the line endings? I know other tools like WinSCP can mess with line endings. I’ve never used winsshfs though.

  • Hi,
    existing line endings in opened file do not change at all,
    just editing mode will be wrong, and every new line I add will have windows line endings.

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