Is ther ea way to setup permanent text highlighting with differnt colours for phrases (or possible plug in)?

  • Hi all,

    I work with a lot of log file that contain certain phrases that indicate errors and the like. Is there a way to set-up phrases so that they are highlight on opening a file?

    I know you can mark text, bu this is not quite what I’m after.

    Different phrases should be able to be marked in different colours.

    Many thanks


  • you can use syntax highlighting. Define your own language with the phrases you want. You have 8 keyword groups (for 8 different colors or styles) with unlimited phrases. If you use a special ending for your files, you can define this for your own language and N++ will open this files with your defined syntax. Otherwise (i.e. for txt or something other) you must change the language with 2 clicks.

  • Thanks Gerd Müller,

    Right, I’m obviously do something wrong as I am unable to see the Keywords I set show up as as style.

    I Define an new Language, open the Keywords List, A a phrase that I want highlighted (i.e. Level=“ERROR”), set the style (e.g. background colour), and then set the current document as using that Language, but I see nothing.

    There is obviously more I need to do, but I could not find any documentation.

  • Hi,

    I assume problem is with quote character, as it’s special character while defining multi-part keyword. You need to escape it using \(backslash). Define your keyword group like:


    Also here you can find UDL documentation -> UDL2.0.

    Best regards,

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