MySQL Server 5.1

  • What I have:
    I have a full version of MySql Server 5.1, Notepad++ v6.8.3, and the NppExec plugin.
    My Goal:
    I want to execute my .sql file through Notepad++
    My Actions taken:
    Folowed the steps on [](link url)

    • set ORA_USER=bert

    • list itemset ORA_PASS=bert1234

    • list itemset ORA_SID= ORCL

    • list itemnpp_save

    • list itemcmd /c copy /y “$(CURRENT_DIRECTORY)$(FILE_NAME)” “$(SYS.TEMP)$(FILE_NAME)” >nul 2>&1

    • list itemcmd /c echo. >> “$(SYS.TEMP)$(FILE_NAME)”

    • list itemcmd /c echo exit >> “$(SYS.TEMP)$(FILE_NAME)”

    • list itemsqlplus -l $(ORA_USER)/$(ORA_PASS)@$(ORA_SID) @"$(SYS.TEMP)$(FILE_NAME)"

    My Question:
    It doesent work.
    I changed username, password, sid variables to match my personal settings
    I also changed “sqlplus” to “mysql”
    Can I receive any advice or clues on this matter?

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