XML Tools Plugin validation failure

  • I’m getting “It has not been possible to validate the integrity of ‘XMLTools.dll’ needed to install or update a plugin. Do you want to cop this file anyway (not recommended)”. I saw some older posts about this popping up before but didn’t find a relevant solution. I tried completely uninstalling (deleting stuff from %APPDATA% after running the installer) and it still occurs.

  • Same issue for me. I finally chose to install anyway on one of my machines, and there were two .dlls that it warned me about; I don’t remember the names.

  • I am getting this error for “NppExec.dll” with Notepad++ 6.8.8.

  • Hello @Mike-L,

    as far as I understand the plugin manager downloads the dll and checks it MD5 against the configured value of
    the plugin author if this doesn’t match you get the warning message.
    So either there was a problem during download or the configrued hash isn’t the correct one.


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