New notepad++ instalation do not store added Profiles

  • Hi,

    i just find out, that with the Npp Plugin it is really easy to add profiles for different FTP connections - or should i say it could be easy?!
    Now I installed and deinstalled the latest notepad++ for several times, but nothing changes.
    I do crate different profiles - they work fine alltogether - but if i close the notepad and open it again, all generated profiles are gone again.


    I didnt find a solution during my search in the internet - so i try to ask at the base of notepad++

    Please help

  • I ve found a solution.

    I deleted the folder User/AppData/Roaming/Notepad++

    Then I started notepad++ again and created new ftp profiles

    This will crate new folder in AppData - and this time it works with the profile …

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