Unexpected Behaviour in "Replace With" Box

  • I hit some key combination by accident, and now in my Find-And-Replace window, the Replace With text box is behaving unusually.

    It is now right-justified, and tries to put certain characters on the left of the string. I’m guessing this is some kind of regexp syntax or some-such? Anyway, I’ve looked around to try and get it back to normal, but am having no luck. Please help!

    Thanks very much in advance!

  • Hi,

    do you have right-to-left keyboard installed? If yes, try to clear field. Then change your keybard to EN, and start over. Or try shortcuts Ctrl + Right Shift / Ctrl + Left Shift while in the textbox.

    Other way is to check what value exactly is stored in history of Replace with field. Check this file:


    Find section:

    <FindHistory ...>
        <Replace name=""/>

    Check name values. If there is something strange, remove it.

  • @tomas-chrastina Thanks very much for your help! This solved my issues! Also, after trying this, I noticed that right-clicking within the text box shows a “right-to-left reading order” toggle.

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